"YourSong!+" is extra model of iPhone application "YourSong!".

* You can use "Voice Cancel" function when recording.
* You can share the recording data.

"YourSong!" is an application in the music of patronized iPod that easily does mixing as for the voice through the microphone input. Please enjoy your singing voice and performance unified to music.

Please use it for the practice of karaoke and the accompaniment of musical instruments, etc.

【Attention Of Use】 (* Difference with "YourSong!")

Music protected by DRM and music of MP3 form cannot be used.
Please use after changing into AAC form by iTunes.
AAC audio file is recommended in this application.

We strongly recommend to use headphones or a headset while recording.

  *If a headset was used, the microphone is input.
  *If headphones were used, the main body microphone is input

Please reactivate the application once when cooperating iTunes when the application
is starting. Operation might become unstable.

It is a confirmed operation with iOS5.0.1 on iPhone3GS&4G&4S.

It is a top view of "YourSong".
The music of selected iPod is play and the voice is recorded at the same time.

"iPod" Button

The iPod library is displayed.
Records in the music selected here.

"Recording" Button

The recording begins.
It changes into "Stop" button while recording.
Or, when the music of iPod ends The recording
is ended, and it is saved or canceled.

"Volume" Slider

The volume can be adjusted.

Lyrics information

When lyrics are input with iTunes,
the content is displayed.
Nothing is displayed when not input.

"Voice Cancel" Button

The voice of the selected iPod music can be canceled.

※There is a case where the voice cannot be canceled.

The recording data is displayed, you can play and share it.

"Play" Button

The selected track is play.
It changes into "Stop" button
while reproducing the track.
When "Stop" button is done in the tap,
the track is stopped.

"Volume" Slider

The volume can be adjusted.

"Compression" Button

The selected track is compressed.
The compressed format is AAC(.m4a).

*The size of the file can be compressed into about 1/10.

"Recording Data" List

The recording data is displayed.

*The recording data can be saved it until 30 records.
*The data can be deleted by swiping.

"Web Service" Button

This function was abolished.

*Please refer to the following iTunes file sharing function.

"Rewinding" Button

Rewinds track for 5 seconds.

"Fast-forwarding" Button

Fast-forwards track for 5 seconds.

"Duration" Slider

The line of the duration of the track that
has been passed is displayed.

*It is possible to adjust it freely.

《 iTunes fileSharering App 》

*Please Chose a File and Save On Your PC Folder.

The music of recorded iPod remains as a history.

"Recording History" List

The music of recorded iPod is displayed
in the list.

*Musics can be stocked until 30 records.
*The data can be deleted by swiping.

The setting of the application can be changed.

Studio Wall Paper

The background displayed on the
Studio screen can be changed.

  ・Default ・・・・The image is not set.
  ・StudioA ・・・・Studio image
       (Presented by Soundstudio NOAH.)
  ・StudioB ・・・・Studio image
       (Presented by Studio Leda.)
  ・Selected・・・・The image registered in
                    iPhone can be selected.

Mike Effect

The effect when recording can be changed.
"Echo" can be selected by your favorite.

  ・Normal・・・・The effect is not set.

Mike Volume

The volume of the mike can be controlled.

Screen of information.

"Support Page" Button

The support page is displayed.

"YourSong!" aims to enjoy it privately, and when any problem is caused because it uses or it is not possible to use it, we do not assume the responsibility.

The content and the specification of this site might be changed without a previous notice.

We welcome any kind of comment or suggestion!
Please inquire in the following address.


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